Alnwick District Council: Interactive Local Development Framework

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As part of the transitional arrangements from the old Local Plan to the new Local Development Framework (LDF), the Local Plan expired on the 27th September 2007 and only those policies that have been saved by the Secretary of State’s direction will continue to be part of the Development Plan. The policies will remain saved until they are replaced by specific LDF policies. A copy of the Secretary of States letter and the list of saved policies can be viewed here.

The policies will need to be considered together with policies in the Regional Planning Guidance 1; the emerging Regional Spatial Strategy for the North East, the Northumberland County and National Park Joint Structure Plan, adopted policies amended by the Secretary of State, August 2007, Planning Policy Statements, Planning Policy Guidance Notes and Supplementary Planning Documents where appropriate.

The electronic version of the Local Plan’s Written Statement has been amended to reflect the changes. Those policies that have not been saved have been struck through (for example). A list of policies that have not been saved can be viewed here.

If you have any queries please contact the Forward Planning section on (01665) 510505.